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Michael Hunter

Thought provoking abstract art for modern installations.

Michael's digital abstract art is created by using multiple techniques and applications. Each piece usually starts out by expressing himself with painting and other ways of making interesting marks and textures. He is keen to focus on quality within each mark which ultimately forms the basis or part of the finished artwork. An interesting brush stroke can often become the focal point of a piece. With the use of photography, he then finishes the pieces with digital manipulation techniques.
Michael is interested in the effect of shapes and forms and how they can be arranged together over interesting grounds to create space and movement. Space is important in his work as it allows the forms to breather and have greater importance. He compares creating his abstract works like a DJ mixing music except he mixes and blend marks and shapes into exciting and thought-provoking compositions. He really enjoys creating and experimenting and this is, of course, a very important part of his work. It allows him to find new techniques and undiscovered colour combinations. Colour is a beautiful thing and he enjoys working with different blend and combinations. 
To date, he has exhibited mainly in the UK in large contemporary art fairs such as Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. He also has his work on display in exclusive galleries and has worked with a number of interior designers in the UK and the US.
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