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What paper do you use for your prints?

Artesta prints posters using the best quality paper with a grammage of 250 g/m2.

Can you print personalized designs or sizes?

We are sorry, but we only offer the designs and sizes available on our website.

What quality do your frames have?

All our frames are manufactured in Spain. The white, black and oak frames are made of Ayous wood, and the oak ones are veneered in oak, while the metallic ones are made of aluminium.

Will the frame arrive ready-to-hang?

If you combine any of our prints with one of the frames we offer, you will receive the prints framed and ready to hang. In case you purchase the print and the frame separately, or if you want to include your own prints, open the rear ends, remove the cover and include your sheet. It is easy!

What is the depth and width of your frames?

The wooden frames up to 50x70 (included) have a width of 1.5cm and a depth of 3cm, while in the larger ones the width is 2cm and a depth of 3cm.

All aluminum frames are 1.8cm deep and 0.7cm width.

Do your frames include glass?

To avoid breakage, our frames incorporate acrylic glass instead of glass. The acrylic glass reproduces the effect of glass, but avoids possible damage during transport or placement of the frame.

I received the frame with a blue glass!

If you buy a frame without poster on our website, you will receive the acrylic glass with a blue double-sided protection to prevent scratches. You can easily remove the two layers of protection and you will have the frame ready to use.

How can I hang your products?

To hang our frames, you need to slightly separate the black or silver metal hanger from the back. Once separated, you can hang it from the hanger that you have chosen depending on the material of your wall.

Do the size on your website corresponds to the print or the frame?

On our website you can find the following sizes: 20x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x50cm, 50x70cm, 60x90cm and 70x100cm. These sizes refer to the dimensions of the posters. If you combine our prints with our frames, the final size and weight will be as follows:

Dimensions (frames)
Dimensions (aluminum) Weight (wood)
Weight (aluminum)
20x30 cm
22x32 cm 20.5x30.5 cm 0.41kg 0.68kg
30x40 cm
32x42 cm 30.5x40.5 cm 0.65kg 0.80kg
40x50 cm
42x52 cm 40.5x50.5 cm 0.99kg 1.22kg
52x52 cm 50.5x50.5 cm 1.29kg 1.45kg
50x70 cm
52x72 cm 50.5x70.5 cm 1.61kg 1.79kg
60x90 cm
63x93 cm 60x5x70.5 cm 2.52kg 2.99kg
70x100 cm
73x103 cm
70.5x100.5 cm 3.02kg 3.31kg

What is passepartout?

The passepartout is a white matt board that surrounds the poster to protect it from methacrylate, and that also enhances the expressiveness of the work and emphasizes its details.

If you select the passepartout option, we will add the white matt board to the frame, and we will reduce the design of the work. For example, if you select a print size 50x70 cm, with an oak colored frame and passepartout, we will reduce the design of the print to the previous size (40x50cm). In this way, it will adapt perfectly to the inside window of the passepartout.

Here you can see the sizes of the passepartout:

Selected size Sheet design size / Interior window Width
20x30 cm 13x18 cm 1.57cm
30x40 cm 20x30 cm 1.57cm
40x50 cm 30x40 cm 1.57cm
50x50 cm 30x30 cm 1.57cm
50x70 cm 40x50 cm 1.57cm
60x90 cm 50x70 cm 1,57cm
70x100 cm  50x70 cm 1,57cm

What is the Photopanel?

The photopanel or photo panel is a wooden board on which the print with a protective layer is adhered. This panel has a depth of 1 cm and gives all the prominence to the work, since it is not necessary to frame it. In addition, for this same reason, photos on wood avoid the reflection of the glass or protective plastic of a common painting.

What is the Canvas?

The canvas or photo canvas is a cloth supported by a wooden underframe on which our works of art are printed. Our modern canvas use the highest quality fabric and pine wood for the 3.5 cm deep underframe.

What is the Aluminum Dibond?

The printing on aluminum posters is a technique that allows the work to be printed directly on an aluminum dibond, also known as alu-dibond. It is a rigid and resistant aluminum sheet 0.3 cm deep.

At Artesta we use the latest technology in digital printing on aluminum to guarantee the quality of the final product. The aluminum pictures are an ideal option for those who seek to differentiate themselves with a unique decoration.

What is the Acrylic glass?

Methacrylate is one of the fashionable materials in the world of design and decoration. Our design is printed directly onto the back of 0.8cm deep acrylic glass with polished edges.