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Julia Hariri

As soon as Art makes you feel something, it really is Art.

Julia Hariri is an aspiring artist living in Berlin. Besides graduating in fashion and being a former fashion designer, Julia was lucky to have the opportunity to express herself as a Freelance Print Designer and Illustrator.

After a couple of years of working in the Fashion Industry, Julia decided to fully concentrate on her own projects and doing art for a living. Being creative has always been Julia’s way to cope with life and escape reality by jumping into her own creative sphere. Especially in her childhood she felt that art can save her from the bad vibes present in her environment. 

In the ECSTATIC series Julia is addressing the still existing inequality between women and men by channeling her thoughts and experiences into bright and colorful paintings. With the artworks Julia is picturing the vision of the future woman, celebrating the full control of her mind, body and soul. Visualizing women in various abstract shapes and compositions Julia also wants to point out solidarity, strength and appreciation among and towards women.

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